May 28, 2009

The Thing About Board Books...

Board books are a wonderful little invention: nearly indestructible pages that little hands can hold, turn, and even chew. We own dozens of them. They're piled on bookshelves around the house, always within arms reach. The thing about board books is - let's all admit it - they're often boring. Mostly, I think they're boring for the babies. Publishers seem to take popular children's books and publish them as board books, but they were never meant for wee ones. The Runaway Bunny is a beautiful story, but my 10-month-old is not going to sit through it. It will be possibly years before she enjoys The Little House or even Guess How Much I Love You. On the flip side, there are books that babies love but I find tedious to read over and over again. I mean really, how many times can one say "Peek-a-boo" and "got your nose"?

Fear not, for there are board books out there that can please both babies and mommies. One of my favorites is Bunny and Me. This delightful tale is a simple story of the friendship between a bunny and a baby. Littlest Page loves seeing the pictures of the baby and I love the variety of emotions the narrative allows me to express. We read it often and I have yet to grow tired of it!

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