July 7, 2011

Summer Reading Programs

E and her daddy bond over many things, but xbox Lego games are a particular favorite. Together, they have gone through all of the Lego Star Wars games and Lego Indiana Jones. Lego Pirates of the Carribean is next in line. Much to my husband's annoyance, I have insisted we not purchase the new game without E earning it somehow. (I'm also hoping the delay means we can buy a cheap, used copy!)

Our public school system releases a summer reading list for each grade at the end of the school year. I printed out the first grade list and divided the 25 books into groups of 5. E has to read each book and write 4-5 sentences about it. When she completes a set of 5 books, she gets to move one of the cut-outs into the pirate ship scene. When all 25 books have been read and reported on, "Pirate E" will be placed on the ship, and she and Daddy get to head to the game store.

My eldest thrives on systems of reward, so she is flying through the books and writing up the reports without a single complaint. Thank goodness the books are taking awhile to come into our local library branch... otherwise I'm pretty sure she would have knocked this out in a week!

If you don't feel like setting up your own summer reading program, here are some you can find at your local bookstore and online:

Barnes & Noble
- For first through sixth graders
- Read any 8 books, record them in the downloadable journal, and get to pick out a free book from a list.
- The download also includes a few activity sheets

- For kids 12 and under
- Read any 10 books, record them in the entry from, and pick out a free book from a list.
- (I think their free book selection is better than B&Ns.)

- Help set a new world record for summer reading.
- Log reading minutes, register online to earn points and enter sweepstakes.

Pottery Barn Kids
- Complete one of their selected reading lists and receive a free book.
- At participating stores only.
- (And if you have a PBK close to you... I hate you. :)

Your Local Library
I know ours has a great summer reading program with lots of special events and free swag, and I'm sure yours has something too. If it's really cool, feel free to comment here and brag on your library. They all deserve a little love.


  1. That is a terrific idea! I really like the addition of the cut-outs as she goes.

  2. Our local library (West Chester Public Library, PA) has a wonderful summer reading program. Each of our kids (ages 3, 6 and 9) log in their minutes and earn book bucks. They can spend these bucks at the library "store". Parents and others donate items to the store (but are not required to). I don't know what will be at the store (it opens in late July), but the kids can't wait! Some banks also have in summer reading programs. For example, TD Bank offers each child $10 in a savings account for children who read at least 10 books over the summer. We are going from reading program to reading program (the kids are not allowed to count a book read more than once).

  3. Nothing beats summertime reading! We did BandN...easy and fun for our reader!! Hope you are having lots of reading run!!!!!

  4. Stop by at my blog to read parts 1 and 2 posts about Math books for summer reading. Fun and interactive books to keep skills fresh!




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