July 18, 2011

A Little Ice Cream & Book Review

A is turning 3 this week and to celebrate, we'll be throwing her an ice cream-themed birthday party. So all week long, I have fun ice cream crafts and activities to get us in the spirit.

I found the inspiration for this adorable little ice cream bowl on Sew Homegrown. For the bowl, simply use the bottom half of a plastic Easter egg. Then let the kids glue in whatever puffs you have on hand. Glue a bit of ribbon along the edge of the egg and you're done! You can also let the kids decorate with beads, glitter, string (for syrup), or anything else they can imagine.

Now their dollies can take a break from tea parties and enjoy an ice cream party instead!

The Ice Cream King by Steve Metzger

This is one of those books that has really grown on me - and thank goodness, since it's currently A's favorite. When Teddy and his mother check out a new ice cream parlor, Teddy is told he can pick anything on the menu. Anything?! Teddy's imagination runs wild as the writing changes from prose to poetry, and Teddy dreams he is the ice cream king. Most of the book contains Teddy's wild fantasies about ice cream castles, mountains, and seas. But as the story wraps up, he realizes that even something as wonderful as ice cream falls flat when enjoyed alone. The book switches back to prose and Teddy orders a giant banana split... with two spoons.

I found the change in narration to be awkward the first couple times I read it, but the poetry is good and the illustrations are charming. Every time we read it, it's clear my littlest is enthralled with the idea of exploring her own ice cream world.

Disclaimer: The Ice Cream King was provided to me courtesy of Tiger Tales Books free of charge in exchange for a review. This does not in any way influence my review.


  1. Those are cute little ice cream bowls! We read the Ice Cream King for our traveling story hour(we went to a fun ice cream shop) a couple of weeks ago thought it was great too.

  2. Cute! Have you ever read the Disney book the Magic Grinder? It was one of our favorites as children, has ice cream in the story, and teaches a great lesson about greed.

  3. I am totally making these soon! I have so many pom poms.


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