December 2, 2010

Ice Cube Painting & Book Review: One Snowy Day

Our temps dropped yesterday from the upper 60s to the 30s. It seems winter is on its way!

In honor of the colder weather, we painted with ice cubes today. Just place a piece of paper in a 9x13 pan, dab on some paint, and drop in a melty ice cube.

A didn't like touching the cold ice, so she used a spoon to push it around the paper, spreading paint as it went.

In the end we had a colorful and abstract work of art. I had planned on using different shades of blue (for ice), but A insisted on the yellow. It's a cheery addition to my refrigerator door!

One Snowy Day by Tammi Salzano

One Snowy Day (Padded Board Books)This large, padded board book features colorful illustrations, shiny foil snowflakes, and a simple story perfect for teaching counting. Penguin loves snowy days, and each page shows us what a snowy day means to him: one woolly hat, two warm mittens, three happy friends, all the way up to 10 marshmallows in his hot chocolate. The illustrations feature bright pastel penguins, sure to appeal to small children, and the large pages and padded corners make this a wonderful book for toddlers to explore on their own.

Disclaimer: One Snowy Day was provided to me courtesy of Tiger Tails Books free of charge in exchange for a review. This does not in any way influence my review. 

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  1. Very cute! This summer I had the kids draw pictures using watercolor pencils and then "paint" over them with ice. I bet your older daughter would enjoy that. It makes for a very pretty end result. We'll have to try doing it with paint like you did too!

  2. I love the way you integrate your book reviews with your wonderfully creative family activities. Thanks so much for sharing!
    tiger tales

  3. JDaniel loves ice cubes. I would love to try this with him, but he would suck the ice cubes with paint on them. I love this counting book.

  4. Ours dropped too!
    Love the craft!

  5. Brilliant. Juliet is going to LOVE this.

  6. What a great idea! I'm planning for a "winter" unit next, so I'll have to remember this one :-)

  7. That looks like fun! I think my two little ones would enjoy this project.

  8. Barb Knight/tiger talesDecember 3, 2010 at 11:59 AM

    I so enjoy your craft projects and especially the combination of a book and craft project! What a great idea to "paint" using an ice cube!


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