November 11, 2010

Squirrely Fun!

Our neighborhood squirrels are full of antics this fall: chasing each other, searching for acorns, and teasing my poor dog. I found a wonderful little book that celebrates these busy little creatures...

A Squirrel's Tale by Richard Fowler

A Squirrel's TaleThis interactive book lets your preschooler move the main character literally through the pages to find his missing nuts. The cardboard squirrel is easily pushed through slots on each page as you read about this forgetful little animal and his quest to find all his nuts. The story is a little weak, but the fun of moving the squirrel through the story more than makes up for any plot deficiencies. A pouch on the front of the book holds the squirrel when not in use and a diagram on the back cover gives instructions for how to make a replacement squirrel.

You know if I couldn't resist pushing that little guy through the story, your kids will be even more entertained!

Pinecone Squirrels

We made our own little squirrels with a few of the pine cones the real squirrels had yet to eat.

You'll need:
- a pine cone
- 4 brown pipe cleaners
- 2 puffy balls: one medium, one tiny
- googly eyes

Gently braid three pipe cleaners together and fold in half twice to form the tail. Bend the tip and tuck into the back of the pine cone. Glue the larger puff to the narrow point of the pine cone. Add googly eyes and the tiny puff to make the face. If you'd like, cut off a small piece of a spare pipe cleaner and fold in half to make the ears. For the arms, cut the remaining pipe cleaner in half and fold the ends in, tucking the whole thing into the underside of the pine cone.

Collect some acorns for your squirrel to eat!

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  1. Those are as cute as the real thing! =)

  2. That craft is seriously too cute!! I even think I have all the supplies on hand. So, we could probably make it this week! Thanks for sharing! Kerri

  3. Those are very cute! Our squirrels are already beginning to make themselves scarce for winter.

  4. Well, I do believe those little varmints would be an excellent edition to our squirrel study next year...

  5. We have the mouse version of that book and Juliet loves it! I love your little pinecone squirrels!

  6. Your squirrels are adorable. I just love them.

    JDaniel4's Mom

  7. These guys look sooo cute!!!

    Kids Get Crafty link up party

  8. These guys look sooo cute!!!

    Kids Get Crafty link up party

  9. Adorable! My poor dog goes crazy and I swear the squirrels purposely shake their tails to upset her.

  10. Those squirrels are really cute! I'll have to check out that book too. It was one of my favorite posts this week and I've linked up to it here:
    I've recently found your blog and am now a follower.


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