September 7, 2010

Starting School: School Bus Treats

As of today, E is an official kindergartner! She walked into her new school like she owned the place and barely noticed when I left. I felt a bit like the parents in The Night Before Kindergarten, wanting to hang out by the classroom door the rest of the day. But I was brave and left like a good mama.

To surprise E when she gets home, I made her a special after-school snack. Inspired by this snack school bus, I made a simple one out of ingredients E loves.

She was disappointed that she couldn't ride a bus to school, so I'm hoping this treat makes up for it a little. Apple slices and american cheese form the bus body, and I added a few chocolate chips for tires. Then I spelled out the word using Trader Joe's alphabet cookies. I hope it's a happy end to a very happy first day.

Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes

Wemberly Worried
I love Henkes and nearly all of his books are gems. This one is particularly great for those of you with miniature worriers. Wemberly worries about everything, and the book goes into detail about all the different and crazy things she worries about. Her mother, father, and grandmother all tell her not to worry, but Wemberly worries anyway. When it's time to go to school, Wemberly worries about it more than anything else. After she makes a friend, however, Wemberly begins to relax and doesn't worry any more... well, at least not about school!


  1. I love Kevin Henkes books!

    That picture of E is beautiful.

    We walk to school and I am still debating what to make for a first day of school treat.

  2. She looks so fresh, and ready for her first day! And, I love the after school snack - what fun to come home to :)

  3. We're still a year away from kindergarten, but preschool starts next week. So far B is excited, but he has a reputation for worry, so I might have to pick up Wemberly to have in reserve... Glad you both had a positive first day!

  4. Congratulations on the first day of school! It's a beautiful picture of E. I have to pick up Wemberly Worried one of these days - my daughter loves "what if" questions even though most of them entirely unrealistic.

  5. Oh wow! I hope the day went well for both of you!

    What a fun breakfast!

    Your little E is adorable!

  6. What a GREAT way to begin a new school year- good job Mama!

  7. I borrowed this idea and made the same after school snack for my little guy today when he came home from preschool. Thanks!


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