September 10, 2010

Start of School: Lunch Notes

Today will mark completion of the first week of school! E has adjusted amazingly well to kindergarten and even insisted on being dropped off at the curb this morning. *sniff, sniff* A also handled drop off much better this morning. Now it's just up to me to deal with my own separation anxiety!

Toward this end, I've made a point to include little notes in the girls' lunches. A can't read yet, of course, so I simply printed off a recent picture of us with a universally understood message: ♥. (Look! I'm in the picture! How have you done with the challenge?)

For E's lunch, I found these adorable notes over at Cap Creations. She has three sheets with encouraging messages, jokes, and Bible verses. I printed them off on cardstock, cut them up, and stuck the stack in my kitchen drawer. Every morning, I simply grab one and toss it in!

I feel an eensy bit better knowing that my girls have a token of my love in the middle of their day. (Oh, dear. I've become one of those moms, haven't I? :)

Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes

Lilly's Purple Plastic PurseAnother Henkes? What can I say. The man's a kids lit genius. In this story, beloved character Lilly adores her teacher. She sings his praises and wants to be a teacher like him when she grows up. But when Lilly brings her new purple plastic purse to school and interrupts the class to show it off, her teacher takes it away for the day. Lilly is so angry, she writes a mean note for her teacher to find. What she doesn't know is that her teacher left her a note as well...

This is an excellent story to teach remorse, repentance, and forgiveness to young school-aged children. Your kids are sure to empathize with passionate Lilly and feel her pain when she regrets her rash choices. This empathy keeps the story from becoming preachy, and the happy ending teaches a lesson of redemption that I love.

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  1. This is one of our favorite books! Kevin Henkes is fantastic! I just finished cutting out basic shapes for two of your projects. We picked up Freight Train and Mouse Shapes at the library this morning. Thank you for providing great inspiration!

  2. Here is another great link to some lunch notes.

  3. I love that Henkes book, Anna is still warming up to it. I especially like that Lily has a male teacher - I wish there were more of them around for elementary grades.

  4. Great book. I agree with Natalie that it is unfortunate that there are not more male teachers in elementary ed (especially as a mom of boys).

    Last year, I started putting a picture in my son's lunch box each day. Sometimes it was from a magazine or something I printed on the computer, and sometimes it was a photograph from home. When C got home from school, we would make up a story together about the picture or remember something about the photograph. He loved this. I plan on doing it again this year, but I'm not sure if I am going to change it around a bit or stick to the same thing. I guess I should decide since we are already two days into the school year.

  5. So sweet that they feel and SEE your love all day long! Don't tell my son's friends... But sometime I sneak things in my teens lunch... Hehehehe... Last week I tucked in an envelope with a couple bucks to buy a special treat.

  6. I put notes in Little J's lunch from time to time, but haven't thought about doing a joke. That's a great idea!

  7. So glad you could use our note cards! That's awesome! Thanks for sharing them!

  8. This was one of my favorite classroom guidance lessons :). I used it for my first graders and gave them a choice of making paper sunglasses or a paper purple purse. We wrote a sentence about showing self-discipline and then I took pics of the whole class wearing their sunglasses/purses. It was adorable!


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