September 1, 2010

Fun with the Fam? There's an App for that!

Remember when I told you about Letterboxing? And you know how I had a blast doing that Secret Agent theme with the girls? Obviously there's something about scavenger hunts that appeals to my family. If you've caught the wanderlust, then you might want to check out this iPhone app.

SCVNGR (also available on Android) is a scavenger hunt app that allows you to complete (or create) scavenger hunts around your town. Our local paper is hosting a "bucket list" race this month, and we've been having a blast visiting all the different spots on the map. The app lists the various destinations in your chosen "trek" and then lets you "check in" when you reach that spot. It will then tell you how to complete the "challenge" for a certain number of points. For example, we headed out to the ocean front (well ahead of Hurricane Earl) and completed the challenge of taking a picture with King Neptune at Sunset.

So far, on this particular trek we rode a ferry, visited a local museum, walked around a hidden lake, and played on the beach... all in local areas we rarely take the time to visit. It's been a great way to celebrate the last week of summer.

The app allows you to search for treks near your current location, so whether you're at home or in a new city, you can find fun places to visit! (And heaven knows I could use help finding new entertainment for my been there-done that family!)

BTW - That handsome man in the screen shot is my hubby. Isn't he cute? :)


  1. Like your new header! Is it new or has it been a while and I'm just now noticing? Looks like a fun app. I don't have a fancy enough phone, but maybe I can convince Daddy to run the scavenger hunts!

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun. My phone is old and doesn't do anything fancy except take pictures - and that certainly isn't fancy anymore, especially because the quality is so poor. Someday, I'll enter the new age of phones!

  3. This looks so cool. I have friends that do this.

  4. We are a spying ....scavenger hunting...treasure also! =) Too much fun!

  5. We so need to give letter-boxing a try! If you kiddos love it I know mine will too.


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