September 30, 2010

Bloggers Rock: The Mail's Here!

This week I'm doing projects from some of my favorite crafty bloggers as well as introducing you to book bloggers you may not know.

I'll admit it. I have a favorite blogger, and her name is Katherine Marie. When it comes to making childhood magical, Katherine is the master. Her themed crafts and activities are fun, adorable, and pure genius. Besides being an incredibly creative mother, Katherine is also a gifted photographer and all-around nice person.

One of her recent themes revolved around mail. My daughter was so enamored with the pictures, she asked if it could be her next birthday party theme. We'll see how she feels next spring, but in the meantime I created a few craft foam envelopes for her to play with. I used the opportunity to talk about how to address a letter, zip codes, and stamps.

We then turned a walmart bag into a postal bag with the help of safety pins and Google image search.

It's still raining today, so I set up the girls' card table play house and let the mail carrying and receiving commence!

We were thrilled to be interrupted in the middle of our play by the real mailman.

I can't say he was as excited.

Janelle @ Brimful Curiosities & Vanessa @ Silly Eagle Books

These are two of my favorite book bloggers and also blogger friends! Janelle and Vanessa each have wonderful blogs focusing on childrens books and corresponding activities.

Janelle's site often features new releases and I'm always amazed at how quickly she gets her hands on the latest and greatest. Her reviews are thorough, thoughtful, and often link to authors bios or videos. Each weekend, Janelle lists books giveaways across the blogosphere. Who doesn't love free books?

Vanessa is my blogging twin sister. When we both created children's book-themed valentines, my husband said I'd found my soul mate. :) Vanessa's blog focuses on vintage books, and she has some great ideas for book related crafts and activities. She's currently expecting her second daughter, and you should see the book-themed nursery decorations she created! Simply amazing.

Both of these women are intelligent, talented, and worth a look. If you like me, I promise you'll like them!


  1. I do LOVE Katherine!
    I love how you are spot lighting others....your such a GREAT inspiration!!!

  2. I love that card table play house!!! It is adorable! Did you make that? If so where can I find directions? My son would absolutely love that (someday...he's only 8 months now, but I'm always looking ahead)

  3. Wow! So, I take it you're one of the easterners stuck in the torrential rain, we keep hearing about on the news - sorry :( But, it looks like you're making the best of it - love the mail!

  4. OKAY--- I'm saving this email for a RAINY DAY... if ever I feel blue, I'm going to read your amazingly kind words. THANK you so much!!!! And how much fun would a post office themed birthday bash be?!! :) I hope she doens't change her mind! xoxoxoxoxo

  5. I love the mail stuff, of course, because you are my twin and everything you do I wish I could do, too! :) Thanks for the kind words and shout-out!

    Still no baby over here...getting restless....

  6. We made mail from cereal boxes a long time ago and turned a cardboard box into a mailbox, and my son loved it. I need to bring that back out--thanks for the reminder.

  7. My daughter's teacher saves all her junk mail/extra bill envelopes and has a mail station set up in the classroom. It must be my daughter's favorite place to hang out because everyday she comes home with several pieces of new "mail." Thanks for the shout I veered off the book course a bit and posted a DVD review. But, technically the DVD is sort of book related by a few degrees of separation. :)

  8. Oh WOW. we do share some favourites!! I am a seriously huge KM fan!! Isn't she just WONDERFUL!! Also such a fan of Vanessa!! I told her a little while ago that she's now my go-to-book-girl :)!! And Valerie just comes up with wonderful craft and play ideas week after week!!

    Thanks for the other recommendations...There are some here that I have not heard of and I'm guessing I'm going to like them :)

    And lastly thanks to you for all your lovely ideas! I always so enjoy visiting!!


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