August 24, 2010

Cleaning with Kids: Sock Puppet Dusters

"Hello. I eat dust."

Forcing children to dust the baseboards is a time-honored tradition spanning generations in my family. In the hopes of raising it out of drudgery, we created sock puppet dusters this afternoon. I'm afraid E found making the puppet a lot more interesting than using the puppet, but regardless the base boards are now dust-free.

What you'll need:
- an old sock
- two buttons
- thread, needle, scissors
- yarn

1. Mold the sock around your child's hand to form the puppet. Remove while keeping that shape and sew a few stitches on the sides to help secure it.

2. If she/he is old enough, teach your child to sew on the buttons for eyes.

3. Wrap the yarn around your child's hand several times.

4. Tie off in the middle and snip the ends to create the hair. Sew the mop onto the top of the puppet.

5. Feed that puppet dust... lots and lots of dust!

Rhyming Dust Bunnies by Jan Thomas

Rhyming Dust BunniesI rarely recommend books I myself have not read, but I just couldn't resist this one. The illustrations look so cute and the story sounds perfect for toddlers, but Daggonit! I can't get my hands on a copy. It's not at the library or any of our local Barnes & Nobles, but it got rave reviews by parents on Amazon.

Three little dust bunnies love to rhyme, but the fourth dust bunny just doesn't seem to get it. When the first three list off rhyming words (far! jar! tar!) the fourth yells "look"! This continues throughout the book until the appearance of a vacuum cleaner and broom reveal what the fourth was carrying on about. The bright illustrations are sure to appeal to little ones while the text teaches simple rhymes. If you see this title around town, take a peek and let me know if it's as good as it looks!

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  1. I LOVE this idea! My daughter always wants to help me anyway, but this would actually make it fun once she starts helping.
    Thank you

  2. Oh, I have had "make sock puppets" on my to do list for the longest time. Now that you have given me the idea to use them as "dust eaters" I am moving the idea to the top of my list!

    We own that book. My daughter thinks it is the funniest book ever! Your girls will like it.

    I just got the A to Z spy book you wrote about from the library. I will be copying your fantastic spy ideas (and linking to you, of course!) soon. You have the coolest ideas.

  3. I am loving your theme this week! Terrific idea with the dust eating, sock puppet. And, my library system has the book - I put it on hold, and will let you know, if it is as good as it looks :)

  4. Okay, I am so going to do this. My kids will LOVE this!

  5. Your library needs a copy of this book. It is awesome. The rhymes are fun and the bunnies are super silly. I have a microfiber duster thing my daughter likes to use. She's very helpful when it comes to dusting. I do love your socks, though!

  6. This is so cute! We are so into sock puppets here, I never thought of turning one into a dust eater though.

  7. Clever you! What a great way to make helping out more fun!!! Once Red Ted starts loosing interest in "helping" this will be a great way to revive it...



  8. The book looks great. I've placed a hold on it at our library. Once we read it, I'll be sure to review it.

  9. How cool, I'll have to try this one! Yesterday we made "chemical reactions" in our sink with vinegar & baking soda, then painted the whole thing with big scrubbing brushes, then wiped it down with sponges & finally made it sparkle like a diamond with a little olive oil. Fun for them, good for me :) My sink has never been so shiny & clean and they are sooo proud.

  10. This is so cute. JDaniel really needs one of these.

  11. My daughter loves to use the Swifter dust wipes, she doesn't realize it's "work" but these would be so much cuter.

  12. I love it! I'll be spreading the word!


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