June 17, 2010

Fishing for Feelings

To make this simple game:

1. Print out three smiley faces, three sad faces, one angry face, and one clown face on cardstock. I just google-imaged "smiley face" and copied the ones I liked into Word.

2. Cut out the faces and scotch-tape small safety pins or paper clips to the back of each circle.

3. Make a fishing rod by tying embroidery thread or string to a dowel and taping a magnet to the end.

4. Now fish!

We made up different rules each time. First she had to find all the smiley faces, avoiding the sad faces, and picking up the clown face last. Then it was sad faces instead of smiley and the angry face last. Then she started making up a set of complex rules I couldn't understand, so I left her to it!

The Way I Feel by Janan Cain

The Way I FeelThis simple book is geared toward older toddlers and preschoolers to help learn feeling words and their definitions. The illustrations are colorful and friendly, and I appreciate that they include a variety of feelings: jealousy, boredom, pride, shyness, and others that are not often addressed.

For another fishing activity and an awesome book that teaches kids how to deal with teasing, check out this older post.


  1. What a great idea!
    Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. this is such a great activity! Thanks for sharing. B will love this!

  3. So fun! You are on a roll, sister! :)

  4. I love this idea!
    Your a great mom!

  5. I love your idea for putting paper clips on the faces to magnetize them - this could work well for lots of games. Thanks for the idea. Your game is very cute.

  6. Oh, we have wooden spoon fishing poles already made up for another game we made, so we could make this one up easily. Cute!

  7. What a great game idea! I'm going to try this with my 5 and 2.5 year olds. That book looks great too. What a wonderful site you have here :)

  8. This is awesome! If we ever get around to posting about life skills again on ABC I am totally going to snag this one for that post! Crediting and linking as usual, of course! We used to try and do life skills once a month but it's really hard to find ideas for them. Seriously, love it and love that book. One of my faves from my classroom days.


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