April 23, 2010

You're Invited to a Party!

I was recently chatting with a couple friends about our childhood libraries. I noticed my friends' eyes light up as they described their hometown libraries in detail. For a moment we were young children again, entering a magical space filled with the books we loved. It struck me that I am creating similar memories for my children each time we enter our public library.

So in honor of the libraries we love, I'm hosting a "Love My Library" Link-up on Wednesday, May 12. Whether your local library is in a turn-of-the-century house, a modern glass structure, or a book-mobile, I want to see it! Show us where you and the kids in your life go to find new books and meet new friends. Take pictures, blog, and link up here for a little virtual tour of all of our different libraries around the globe.

Random? Yes. Fun? Definitely! So come back here on Wednesday, May 12, and show that you Love your Library!

Now, on to some of the treasures we found at our library for Feed Me Books Friday...

Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale 

I know this book has been popular for a while, but now I know why! So adorable, so realistic! The illustrations are brilliant, with photographed backgrounds and cartoon characters. The story of a little girl and her favorite stuffed animal made me smile. What more could you want from a picture book?

Gilberto and the Wind by Marie Hall Ets

Gilberto Y El Vientogilberto and the Wind (Spanish Edition)

One of you recommended this to me when we did our pinwheel project, and I love it! Gilberto tells us about the wind that plays with his sailboats and pulls the clothes off the line. He speaks of the wind as a mischievous playmate, one he obviously loves. It's a beautiful book with monochromatic pencil drawings and lovely language throughout.

Desert Rose and Her Highfalutin Hog

This book didn't live up to my high hopes for it. The colorful, cartoon illustrations called to me from the library shelf, but the story was only mediocre. Desert Rose finds a lump of gold and spends it on the largest hog so she can win first prize at the state fair. But when she attempts to get the hog to cross a creek, he refuses, and Rose has to get the other (rather reluctant) desert animals to help her, resulting in a "house that jack built" style story. The best part of the book is Rose's exclamations after each animal's refusal: "Bust my breeches!... You are one persnickety snake!" "Starch my stirrups!... You are one contrary cowboy!" and so on.


  1. sounds like alot of fun! we go to our library so much the librarians pull books they think we'd like and put them on our hold shelf :)

    my girls ask to go to the library every day :)

    count us in!

  2. I really like your honesty about the third book...the cover looks like so much fun! But that's part of the adventure of going to the library. You never know what you're going to find! I have to go to the library this weekend...now I know I'll have to bring my camera. (I keep it in my purse; the trick is remembering to pull it out and take some pictures!)

  3. I haven't read Knuffle Bunny either, but will definitely have to check it out at the library.
    We go to the library weekly and absolutely love it. My oldest begs to go and I have a hard time getting him to leave!

  4. I love going to the library, I actually don't go enough with my kids...Thanks for the reminder and the book reviews!

    I am excited to follow along on your blog!

  5. Great idea with the library party! We'll be sure to join in.

  6. Love the library party idea!

    My son was just talking about the wind today, so Gilberto and the Wind sounds perfect. I have also been meaning to check out Mo Willems. Thank you!

  7. Knuffle bunny is awesome. I'll keep the library party in mind!

  8. We love all the Mo Willems books. They are entertaining for the whole family.

  9. My son is almost 2 and carries around a huge stuffed cow toy. He'd probably love the story about the girl and her stuffed animal. Thanks for sharing. And what a great idea to share why we love our library!

  10. Ohhh...I love the library idea! Can't wait to see all the posts!

    Gilberto looks wonderful. I'm going to look for that one--thanks for linking up! :)

  11. i love your blog , found you thru little wonders, I am doing a lot of book for kids this week for cinco de mayo if you want to come back,

  12. My daughter & I enjoyed reading Knuffle Bunny last night! Actually she did the reading and I was delighted to listen. It is such a sweet story, every child can identify with. She and I both loved the photography/illustrations too.

    She actually read it to me, then immediately asked me to read it to her again! It was just that good!

  13. Okay sounds fun and simple I'll do my best to link up!


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