April 27, 2010

Bling Out that Bike Helmet!

Bike safety never looked this good!

I'll admit it, I hate spending money on licensed character merchandise. Not that I have anything against Winnie the Pooh or Disney Princesses, but I don't want them on every t-shirt, tennis shoe, and rollerblade. So when I picked out a bike helmet for A, I chose a plain pink one... and then added some touches of my own!

With a paint brush and some mod podge, I attached a few scrapbook paper cut-outs to personalize the helmet. Now she's sporting a caterpillar on the side, an initial in the front, and some uber-cute ladybugs on the other side!

And just one more pic... because SHE'S uber-cute!

Duck on a Bike by David Shannon

Duck on a BikeYou're probably familiar with David Shannon but have you seen this one? Duck borrows a bike and rides around the farm. Each of the animals who see Duck say something appropriate (like "moo") but think something disparaging (like "A duck on a bike? That's the silliest thing I've ever seen!"). After Duck makes a spectacle of himself across the entire farm, a crowd of kids arrives... all on bicycles. The next image is of the animals looking at a bike with a gleam in their eyes (it's the page that sold me on the book). Of course, they all hop on and take a ride around the farm. "Great idea, Duck!"

I love the illustrations in this book! They're funny. They're cute. They make the story. Just looking at the expressions on the animals' faces will make you chuckle. I only have one complaint - where is that duck's helmet?!

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  1. we love that book too! :)

    cute helmet!

  2. Great idea. I get tired of the licensed characters, too. Although, Juliet doesn't!

  3. Oh, your little girl is just a doll baby!

  4. What a great helmet! The only ones available when I bought Lily her helmet was a Tinker Bell helmet.

    I love how the goat eats the bike basket! David Shannon's books are always a good read!

  5. Duck in a Truck is one of our current favorite bedtime stories - I love hearing my husband crack up as he reads it :) Need to check out the Bike one, too!


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