March 19, 2010

A few more Fancy tips...

I promise this is the last Fancy Nancy birthday post. Next week we'll dive into bunnies and eggs and all-things-Easter, but first I have a few more tips for throwing the perfect Fancy Nancy birthday party.

My mother-in-law helped us set the mood by reading the original Fancy Nancy book as soon as all the girls arrived. This was wonderful to help settle the kids and get them focused.

I printed out some free Fancy Nancy coloring pages as a backup in case we had extra time. Thank goodness I did! We ended up having about 30 extra minutes I needed to fill, so the coloring pages came in handy. You can find two different printable activity books available online:
Each of these booklets have multiple pages that kids can color or fill in. I printed my favorite page of each for the girls to color and take home to their moms.

Thank You Notes
Good manners are always fancy, so we made these adorable thank you notes out of card stock and scrapbook paper. During the fashion show, I snapped a photo of each child doing their "fanciest pose." Later, I printed them out on computer paper, trimmed and glued to the folded card. I typed up E's thank you messages (as she dictated them) and pasted those on the inside. E got lots of practice writing her name as she signed each of the cards. The girls loved their thank you notes; it was the perfect way to end a perfect birthday!


  1. Looks like a very fun and FANCY party! I love the thank you cards... that is a nice touch! : )

  2. Love the thank you notes... adorable and frame-able!

  3. The thank you cards are great. :)

  4. WE had a tea party birthday one year when my oldest was small (about 15 years ago). I wish Fancy Nancy was around then! It's a big hit in my pre-k class!
    You've shared some really sweet ideas. I'm sure the party will be as memorable for the guests, as it is for the birthday girl!

  5. A week ago we had a princess tea party for my daughter's birthday. 12 GIRLS! It was so much fun. We made tea party hats, magical bracelets, played put a kiss on the frog and had similar treats to yours. I loved reading through your posts. Hopefully, I get time to put our pictures up!


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