November 25, 2009

Give Thanks! Over the river...

I hope you are all staying safe this Thanksgiving Eve. Living in our hometown, we never have far to travel for Thanksgiving dinner. We'll be making the 4-mile trip to my mom's home tomorrow afternoon for a traditional (and delicious!) dinner with my sisters and their families. There's 16 of us in total, so it's a good thing my parents have a large house.

Ain't it grand? This is what my little Pages think of when you say "grandmother's house"!

The Book - Over the River and Through the Wood

Every child should be exposed to this classic poem/song. There are multiple versions available today, but I linked to the 1970's illustrated version that I grew up with. I remember picking out the notes on our piano and singing the song, envisioning the horse-drawn carriage and merry travelers on their way to Grandmother's house. I'm glad to be able to share it with yet another generation of happy grandchildren!

The Craft - Thank You Thanksgiving Card

As I've mentioned before, my mom is incredible. Since we were little she has worked hard to make holidays magical experiences. I'm afraid she does such a good job, she's stuck doing it forever! Now that we are all grown, we still go to Mom's, bringing our own broods of children and expecting the same magic to take place. And she never disappoints.

So this year, I made a little card, letting her know just how much we appreciate all her hard work. This is such a simple gesture and only takes a few minutes. I googled "thanksgiving picture" and printed out a graphic I liked. Then I glued it onto a couple pieces of scrapbook paper and glued that onto a piece of cardstock. Inside I wrote a message for my mom and will let Little Page decorate around it.

When we arrive tomorrow, we'll be able to bring not only rolls and salad, but a heartfelt note of thanks for the woman who brings so much love into our lives.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!!!


  1. I told it to your sister and I'll say it again to you: What a gorgeous house!!! It's HUGE! and beautiful!

    thanks for sharing :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  2. Very cute idea! I am always intimidated by making cards, but this one looks easy. :)

  3. Oh my is that really your mom's house! I think that's my new dream house! I've always wanted to live in a yellow house with wide porches.


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