September 16, 2009

Social Graces - Tattle Tale! Tattle Tale!

The Book - Tattlin' Madeline by Carol Cummings, Ph.D.

Before I dive into my review, I just have to say that the characters' lack of pupils freaked me out a little. My sister - who is a elementary school counselor and recommended this week's books - is probably rolling her own eyes at me right now. But, seriously, would drawing a little dot for a pupil hurt? Besides crazy all-whites eyeballs, the illustrations are nothing special. The story, however, is extremely useful in teaching the difference between Tattling and Reporting.

Little Page is a huge tattletale. She's not vindictive; she simply must see justice prevail at all times. I've tried to explain to her that no one likes a tattletale, but all my conversations with her were not nearly as productive as going through this little book.

Madeline is a tattletale and as a result doesn't have any friends. When her teacher sees her crying about it one day, she explains the difference between tattling and reporting. A tattletale tells on her friends to get others in trouble or to give herself attention. A reporter goes to an adult when someone could get hurt or property damaged.

One reading of the story and a short talk afterward, and Little Page seemed to get it!

The Craft/Game - Tattling or Reporting... which is it?

What you'll need...
  1. 2 paper plates
  2. paint
  3. construction paper
  4. glue
  5. glue gun
  6. un-sharpened pencil
For the game, we'll make an auction placard. Have your child decorate the back of the plates with paint or markers. Draw an R (for reporter) and a T (for tattler) on colored paper and let your child cut them out. Glue the letters on the plates and then hot glue the plates together. Insert a pencil as a handle before the glue dries.

For the game, present your child with different scenarios. For example, your child is playing with his friend when his friend refuses to share a toy. Your child runs and tells you that his friend isn't sharing. Is that tattling or reporting? Or... Your child sees his little brother pick up a knife. He runs to tell you. Is that tattling or reporting? To answer the question, have your kid flash his sign with the right letter.

Little Page loved this game, and I was impressed with how many times she got it right!

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  1. The illustrations in that book ARE terrible. I think they were trying to go for an "Annie" look. (Ladies from my generation will remember the freaky Annie posters with no pupils.) If you can get over the blind Madeline, it's a great message. ;)


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