August 6, 2009

Road Trip - Part 4 - The Farm!

Little Page's one request for our vacation was that we go to a farm. Lucky for her, I had already started to look at B&B's on working farms in Lancaster, PA. It probably won't surprise you to discover that there are several! We ended up choosing Rocky Acre Farm B&B and had a wonderful time during our stay there. Little Page hunted for eggs in the chicken coop, pet the sheep, swung on the tire swing, and loved seeing all the calves. Even Littlest Page was in seventh heaven, watching the kittens play in the yard and getting to take a ride on a tractor.

There is no shortage of farm-themed children's books out there. I'm sure I could spend hours reviewing them all for you, but instead, I'm going to focus on one simple board book.

Ibaby: Goodnight, Baby by Ana Larranaga features a number of baby animals waiting to be tucked into bed with their mommies. The fun thing about the book is that you actually can tuck the babies into bed with their mommies! Cardboard baby animals attach to the book with silk ribbons and slip from the main barn pocket in the front to pockets on each page. Both Littlest Page and Little Page loved matching the babies with their mommies. (Okay, so Littlest Page actually preferred gumming the babies than tucking them in, but still, she enjoyed it!) They actually fought over the book in the car, so I think I can declare it a hit.

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