August 3, 2009

Road Trip - Part 1 - Washington, D.C.

We're back! What a trip it was! One car, two kids, and six cities... it made for a fabulous, if exhausting time. This next week I'm going to highlight our travels with the books I found along the way - one for each of our major stops. Today is Washington, D.C.!

One would think there would be oodles of books for kids on our nation's capital, and perhaps there are, but I had a heck of a time finding one I liked. What did I end up with? Clifford Goes To Washington. Yep, a Clifford book. I admit I'm not a big Clifford fan, but this book was perfect. It speaks on a preschooler's level and hits all the major landmarks. What sold me on the book, however, was that it included protesters. This was one aspect of D.C. I should have expected, but didn't, and was a little unprepared to handle when the "Free Speech, Human Rights, for Iran!" marched on by. Clifford oversimplifies things, of course, but I really appreciated that it included that ubiquitous aspect of Washington.

Stay tuned for our next stop...

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