August 14, 2009

Colors - Part 3 - YELLOW

Ahhh... yellow. We come to thee, the dearest favorite of my darling girl. I grew up in a yellow house, slept in a yellow room, drove a yellow car... so it's hardly surprising my oldest (a clone of my in nearly every way) is also in love with yellow. Her color preferences were well known in preschool last year and her teacher sent home this book for Little Page to borrow.

The Book: In My New Yellow Shirt by Eileen Spinelli
A little boy receives a yellow shirt for his birthday. His friend turns his nose up at the gift, but the boy is thrilled. There are so many things he can be in his yellow shirt! A taxi, a caterpillar, a bouncing ball... his imagination soars as he pictures himself transforming thanks to his yellow shirt.

The pictures are bright and colorful, the writing is good, but what I really like is how the book encourages the reader to turn something mundane into something extraordinary.

The Activity: Tie-Dye and Pretend!
Obviously after reading this book you need to get yourself a yellow shirt. Instead of buying one, why not tie-dye? Family Fun has a good tutorial on tie-dye, as well as a few instructions on different techniques.

When your shirt is ready to wear, it's time to imagine all the things you can be in your shirt. The sun warming the earth... a daffodil blooming in springtime... mustard on a hotdog... Help your child imagine what s/he could be and then act out those things. Not a big fan of yellow? Choose your kid's favorite color and explore the possibilities.

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  1. I love all your idea so far!
    I can't beleive so little people follow you.
    Your blog is really interesting!


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