July 8, 2009

Build Your Own Board Book!

One way to engage your baby while reading is literally to put him or her into the story. A great way to do this is to create your own illustrated book featuring collages of your child. Add pictures of other children to make this a great birthday gift or party favor.

  1. Find a poem or very short story (or write your own!).
    I found an eight-line poem about caterpillars in one of our Baby Einstein books. This was the perfect length for a four page story (one page featuring each of my closest friends' kids).

  2. Take pictures of your stars.
    You can use pictures you already have on hand, but I usually prefer to take fresh pictures. Put your child in front of a wall or other solid surface to make cutting them out easier.

  3. Create your collage.
    I'm a graphic designer, so I chose to do this part in Photoshop. If you're comfortable with a graphics program like Photoshop, go ahead and experiment on your computer. (Stock Exchange is a great source for free graphics.) When you're finished, print at home or send to a one-hour photo. If you're not a computer-guru, you can always create your collage the old-fashioned way, using magazines, scissors and glue. I made my pages six-inches square.

    : Use the poses of the children to determine what sort of backgrounds to use. One child was sitting in her picture, so I put her on an open flower. Another little girl was standing, so I put her inside a tulip.

  4. Print your text.
    Choose a large font and print each page of text. Cut the pages so they are equally sized. Don't forget the title page and to credit yourself as the illustrator!

  5. Assemble your book.
    If you'd like, you can mount the pictures and text on construction paper to create a colored border. When each page has been trimmed to the same size, match the fronts and backs so the book reads correctly.

  6. Laminate your book.

  7. Punch holes and tie with ribbon.

  8. Enjoy with your favorite little page turner!


  1. Cute idea!! (being a former 1st grade teacher I did that kind of stuff for my students regularly, but great idea to do for my own kiddos)

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  4. hey thanks for sharing this with me..this site is great. the information on making a board-books is very clear. i wil deffanitly use this method in makin my own board book for my lil gurl


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