July 1, 2009

A Baby Lovefest

I promised you board (not bored!) books, and I mean to deliver. Daddy Kisses and Mommy Hugs by Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensleben are two favorites in the Page household. In fact Daddy Kisses is my husband's number one pick for baby board books. (I can't imagine why!) The illustrations are colorful, stylized, and simple - just right to capture the attention of the under-2 crowd.

Daddy Kisses features daddy animals and how they kiss their babies ("Daddy giraffe gives his calf a kiss on the neck"). Mommy Hugs follows suit, except with mommy animals cuddling their babies. A fabulous concept on so many levels, these books teach animal names, animal baby names, and parts of the body. They also provide the opportunity on every page for you to give a kiss or hug. If the daddy in your life is not the baby-book-reading type, then Daddy Kisses may be just the thing to get him started!

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  1. How funny...I just read Daddy Kisses to my daughter today!

    You had asked me about the blue in my bedroom awhile back...about how I added white to it. I mean that I added white to the can of paint. I just bought a larger bucket and mixed the blue and white paint until it was light enough. If your blue is already on the wall, I would probably just paint over it. I have never tried a glaze to lighten a color that's already on the wall...seems like it would be easier just to start fresh. But I wish you the best of luck! :)


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