July 22, 2009

B is for Butterfly

The Books

Butterfly Alphabet by Kjell B Sandved

Artist Sandved created this stunning book by micro-photographing butterflies. Amazingly, he discovered the entire alphabet hidden inside 26 different types of butterfly wings. One side of each page displays a large picture of the letter. On the other side is a sweet rhyme about butterflies, featuring a word that begins with that letter (except for X... one always has to cheat with X). Accompanying the rhyme is a picture of the whole butterfly, allowing your child to search within its wings for the letter. Letter recognition, colors, shapes, rhymes, search and find - there's so much to do and learn in this one book!

Fancy Nancy: Bonjour, Butterfly! by Jane O'connor

Can you believe this is my first Fancy Nancy book? Little Page is just old enough now to enjoy this vivacious little girl's exploits. Bonjour, Butterfly is one of the newest in the series and tells how Nancy helps her friend Bree prepare for her butterfly birthday party. Just before the party, however, her mother remembers that her grandparents' 50th anniversary is that same day. Nancy is upset at having to miss Bree's party until she realizes how much fun her grandparents' party can be.

I was impressed with the book - the writing was good and the story engaging. The illustrations, of course, are enchanting (which is a fancy word for charming). I'm quite sure this will not be our last adventure with Fancy Nancy!

The Craft - A B-utiful Butterfly

Help your child learn to write the letter B in this simple butterfly craft!
  1. Fold a piece of paper in half. Using paint and a brush, help your child draw an uppercase B on the fold.

  2. While the paint is still wet, fold the paper back in half and press down firmly.

  3. When the paint is dry, have your child decorate the butterfly wings with watercolor paints.

  4. When the paint is completely dry cut (or let your child cut) around the butterfly. Glue to a piece of construction paper then add antennae and a smiley face. Display somewhere prominent for the world to see!


  1. I just discovered this post on B is for butterfly and I LOVE the idea of the painted butterfly! I am starting the letter B today with my daughter and this is a perfect idea!! Love it...thank YOU!!!! :)

  2. Love this project idea. My toddler loves the book Waiting for Wings and calls butterflies "buttah!"


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