May 22, 2009

Coloring Cassatt

Thanks to Google, I discovered that today is Mary Cassatt's birthday. I love this impressionist painter of moms and their little ones. Little Page has a board book called Cassatt for Kids that features some of her more famous paintings. I pulled it out today at nap time so that we could look through it. Little Page read the titles out to me, which wasn't too difficult considering most have some combination of the words "mother," "child," and "bath." We talked about the pictures and then I tucked her in for her nap. (It's been an hour now and she's still chatting away to herself, so I don't recommend this as a fall-asleep book!)

For a treat when she wakes up (if she ever actually falls asleep), I created a special coloring page so she can make her own Cassatt-style painting. If you have Photoshop, there's a great tutorial at I can't tell if mine turned out cute or a little scary, but I think she'll have fun filling it in.

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